Visit Orlando | Case Study

Relaunching the UK business to increase top of mind awareness and visitation in 2023


delivered web sessions in 2022 against target


reach amongst core market of Mums ABC1


delivery of impacts versus forecast across digital and offline

The challenge

The UK travel market had seen a rocky return for passengers across the summer of 2022 with staff shortages, longer wait times (3 hours+) and passport backlogs meaning consumer sentiment towards travel was at the lowest despite pent up demand.

Against a backdrop of a 2 year travel hiatus due to COVID enforced lockdowns, Visit Orlando wanted to once again grow their International visitor numbers. In 2019, there were just over 1M visitors from the UK and as one of the longest stays and biggest spenders; they are a highly valuable target audience.

The challenge was to create a campaign that not only raises the profile of the destination, but also brings a flavour of the destination to the source market, with the overarching goal to raise top of mind awareness.

The strategy
Delivering the Unbelievably Real campaign.

The media strategy worked closely with creative messaging, combining impact with conversation. The campaign was integrated across a number of channels, working independently and together. This was the determining factor in assessing lifts of becoming memorable – through the use of the creative’s paradox of the ‘Unbelievable’ and the ‘Real’.

The messaging needed to be consistent, and ultimately, drive immediate intent. To ensure success amongst the target audience, we followed the data and combined the high impact of large OOH sites and painted murals, with micro-influencer campaigns and boosted social.

Activity was supplemented with a brand response AV campaign, targeting family moments. To ensure Visit Orlando was harvesting sentiment, guiding to our Unbelievably Real world on-site was essential. Paid digital campaigns worked to further guide consumers, helping to scale bookings at speed.


Evolving AV strategy to increase visibility​ – 60″ Hero Spots and large scale OOH to maximise reach. We needed to increase impression share on SEM to signpost traffic and improve website engagement.​


Increased social activity across multiple creative iterations to build story and context​. Frequency building through dwell time sites and longer activity with transport, in addition to longer AV activity – with 3 months core activity.


Increased influencer footprint through paid partnerships and standout pieces to prompt talkability of the campaign.

The results

Scale, story, advocacy

Driving 89% coverage of all adults at a combined frequency of over 6.5, with TOMA to the destination increasing from 1-2%. This set the foundation of helping to drive increased travel bookings for 2023.


New visitors to site increased by +163% on day 1 of the campaign. Initial launch spot reached 29% of housewives with children.


60” creative is the strongest performing asset across ITV – our highest indexing broadcaster for our audience. Impressions delivered on SEM +181% versus target.


Youtube CTR increased by 1,300% versus forecast. Social CTR +29% across the first 3 weeks of the campaign.

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