What are Inserts?

In media and advertising, inserts are promotional materials that can be easily slipped into newspapers, magazines, brochures and more.

While everyone seems to know what inserts are and there is often a misconception they do not work and are commonly thrown away or overlooked. In reality, this is very far from the truth and in fact, they are a very successful multi-million-pound industry.

We can prove inserts help to drive sales, promote brand awareness, are very cost-effective and crucially, are highly measurable. Inserts can form part of a standalone operation or be integrated with a larger multimedia campaign.

What we do

We help determine the target audience and the best route for the campaign. We also look to provide feedback on creative design based on our expertise and experience in this sector; design will have a significant impact on results, so is important not to be ignored. Additionally, we can source printing options for clients if required.

Finally, we make ensure the entire campaign is properly managed, so printing is done on time, all is delivered correctly and delivery instructions and certificates of insertion are collated and cross-checked. All of this ensures the activity runs efficiently and smoothly.

Our approach to Inserts

With so many opportunities for inserts, from magazines to newspapers to third party products, such as eBay and ASOS via deliveries, we take a data-driven, strategic approach to ensure your press ads deliver the best results.

We see our clients as partners, so we will strive to get the best prices for all of the titles we choose, whether it is newspaper advertising costs or magazine advertising costs, we aim for the optimum price. With access to hundreds of products, aggressive price negotiation is something we pride ourselves on. By securing the best possible deals we can ensure that campaigns are able to deliver strong results with effective ROI. Furthermore, our response analysis and optimisation delivers further value to the client post-negotiation.

To further our spirit of partnership with our clients, we provide a transparent billing practice, clearly showing the prices for all media elements, as well as the production cost.

Reporting and insights

At the heart of our processes throughout the agency is data. In addition to competitive pricing and smart media buying, the real value of a campaign is attained through the optimisation of campaigns at speed.

This ongoing granular performance review allows us to continuously optimise campaigns to deliver the highest ROI and build long-lasting brand success for client partners.

A post-campaign analysis is one of the essential elements that allow us to do this. By combining econometric analysis, alongside response and sales figures, we determine performance by a number of factors that include, but aren’t limited to, title, day of the week, month and creative design.

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