The Importance of Analytics

With the plethora of data now available to give advertisers the ability to process, analyse and derive insight from, that data has never been more important. Advertisers that can quickly draw out the insight contained within their media buying platforms, web analytics tools and sales databases, – and activate on that insight quickly – are the ones seeing the quickest growth.

What we do

With expert capabilities in web analytics, API feeds and tag management solutions, overlaid with our proprietary campaign measurement and analysis platform ARMalytics®, we can ensure that our clients are using their existing tech infrastructure to its full potential.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Google Analytics deployment and advanced set-up
  • Google Tag Manager (GTM) set-up and advanced tag set up
  • Development support (e.g. tagging and tracking, data layer deployment, measurement protocol)
  • Full Google Analytics & GTM audits
  • Offline response analysis
  • Full (on and offline) conversion path analysis
  • Econometric modelling and Micro Time Series (MTS) analysis

Our approach to insight and analytics

We provide your competitive advantage. Our team of over 20 data scientists and developers extract, analyse, and decipher your data to provide much more informed analysis, creating the unrivalled platform for campaign optimisation by our talented integrated media and data teams.

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