Data & Systems

What is Data?

Data is the lifeblood of campaign performance. Gleaning the granular insight from campaigns and actioning these insights at-speed has always driven our client’s businesses and our media strategies. Our proprietary technology stack, ARMalytics® is at the heart of it. This campaign measurement and analysis platform allows for the meticulous analysis and optimisation of campaigns by our talented integrated media and data teams.

What we do

We provide your competitive advantage, with a team of over 20 data scientists and developers who analyse, interpret and decipher data to ensure insights are actioned effectively. As we have built and developed our suite we are fully vested in it, and we believe this connection to the tech drives us to create, customise and innovate the market-leading system that ARMalytics® is today. No 3rd party system can replicate this.

Simply measuring better than the rest is not enough. The magic of the technology is our talented media teams who are trained in translating the detailed data and insights into rapid action that drives improved ROI for our clients.

Our approach to Data

Our econometric models measure the impact of television on both immediate web response and other short-term response channels. All Response Media will be your valuable partner leading your company and your campaigns to new dimensions, using innovative methodologies that will maximise all response channels. These come to you in the form of some best practice advice, including how to optimise your creative and media activity to capture the response that TV generates.

Our proprietary tag, Tag4ARM, measures the influence of these factors in real-time and this drives 200 million hits per month across 140 clients (based on 2019 Tag4ARM data). Transparency is forged across the platform, with teams and clients having access across web, mobile and iOS app to provide a hands-on approach to monitoring and optimising campaign performance.

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